Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's With Bri - 9 Months Wow...

Gatineau Park
The nine month anniversary is almost surreal. It is a phase where you still have all the vivid memories from the wedding day, but there is a lot of future planning happening: what is the plan for living arrangements or what trips do you want to take… all these planning tasks we have been doing. But what Jordan wrote in her last post about her view of our 9 month anniversary rang so true. Taking the time to stop and enjoy what has been happening in the moment is so important.


We took a trip up to the Gatineau hills on our anniversary and we just sat at one of the lookouts and just enjoyed the moment. Watching the clouds roll in, the wind was picking up and we enjoyed the new smells of summer.  I just loved looking over and seeing Jordan there with me. We also planted our first vegetable garden; I was so impressed to see Jordan in there with the gloves she bought and fearlessly digging in the dirt to plant the seedlings we started. It is particularly impressive due to Jordan’s paralyzing fear of bugs. I took some time to just watch, it was so awesome. Taking time to do small things, like just stopping and watching, has been awesome. I highly recommend it to everyone: take some time and just watch what’s going on around you. 

This is our first summer as a married couple, and these past months every day has been a first. Taking time to enjoy these new firsts is something I want to share and I am so glad we have all of you out there listening, too.

Project: Priceless--the NEST would love to hear your stories of "firsts", or just some recommendations of firsts you think we should experience.


  1. This our first married summer too and I agree - seeing your partner do things you didn't know they were capable of in the yard, around the house, etc., is just so awesome. I hope I can manage to never stop being amazed by the little things my husband does. Taking the time to really see the person you married shouldn't just be something we rejoice in as newlyweds :-) Happy summer!

    1. Vanessa,
      You took the words right out of my mouth. Thanks for commenting! It's nice to know other newlyweds feel this way. -Brian

  2. You are such a beautiful couple and I am really enjoying reading your journey. Keep each other amazed and stay healthy. :)

  3. Thanks, Annie! It's really awesome getting to know you too. -Jordan