Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nesting for Real: We bought a house?

I have been procrastinating on writing a blog post all weekend because the one thing I want to blog about, I didn’t want to blog about just yet; but since it’s all I can think about, I’m giving in.

We’ve bought a house.

Well, at least I think we have. We were pre-approved for a mortgage a few weeks ago, but we’re waiting ‘til we hear back on some sort of…post-approval? I have no idea. If you want the fancy terminology, go see Brian. We’re also waiting on the inspection to be done on Tuesday, which is the thing I’m most worried about. After watching my brother struggle for a year with a cracked foundation, I’m being extra cautious about getting my hopes up about this house.

All that being said, I guess we’ve sort of bought a house.

Here are all the things that amaze me about buying a house this week:

1. Despite being utterly and completely nauseated with anxiety, I haven’t actually thrown up yet.

2.a) We found the house after only about three weeks of hunting.
   b) Everyone keeps saying, “Ohhhh; that was faaaaast.” Like that’s something I want to hear, with that worried wobble in your voice? Shuddup, jerk. When your budget is this tiny and your search radius is tight, you figure it out quicker. That’s all.

3. It was actually way less stressful choosing to be with Brian for the rest of my life, than it’s been choosing a home for a minimum five years.

4. The house is in Barrhaven—a suburb of Ottawa often referred to as Farrhaven. Who calls it that? I call it that, that’s who.

5. We will have a basement. Why is this amazing? Because my goal is to never go into it. I’m no longer used to basements and they freak me out. Thanks, Blair Witch Project.

6. We didn’t end up with a garage, which is funny because that was the desire that started us even looking.

7. We have a yard where my dream of a border collie could actually work out.

8. It is now officially too expensive and ‘legal-y’ to ever get divorced.

9. Thanks to the best parents in the world, we will have a dishwasher as a housewarming gift, and that means our marriage has a chance.

10. After only 7 months here, I have to pack again.

It’s been a stressful week. The day that our offer went in, Brian was trying so hard to hold it together and look like he had everything under control, he locked himself out of the car wearing nothing but his gym clothes. Out on Pinecrest Road, with no one to help him. With his wallet locked inside the car, as well. It was funny and horrible all at the same time.

I want to post some photos of the place, and tell you so much more, but I’m a crazy old Irish girl and afraid of jinxing the deal. You’ll have to wait. But for all those young folks out there who’ve been eagerly watching our (albeit short) house hunt, I can tell you since we’ve now taken the plunge: be ready for the most confusing, high-anxiety, complicated experience you’ve yet faced as a couple. Getting married was a walk in the park compared to this insanity. Buckle your seatbelts, fellow house-hunters: it’s a bumpy ride. In a wheelbarrow. Pushed by an epileptic donkey. Downhill. Blindfolded.


  1. I was one of those people who said it was fast, but I meant it as a good thing. We found our house when we weren't actually looking to move, saw it on a Sunday, got our offer accepted on Monday and signed the mortgage the next Sunday. Like you said, when you're looking for something specific it's easier.

    1. Oh, Amy! You didn't stress me out. Your eyes didn't turn into giant saucers and ou didn't ask about backing out. :) I love that you also had a fast turn of events...makes me feel oodles better. :)

  2. I concur on the 'buying a house is more stressful than getting married' bit. Congrats!

  3. No question, eh? The spouse seems like the harder choice but it's definitely the house.

  4. So Orleans was too far, but Barrhaven wasn't, interesting.
    Basements are great, it's cellars and crawl spaces that are creepy.

  5. Jordan,
    Congratulations on the house!
    Not only do you and Brian have to qualify for the mortgage, but the house does as well. It is the collateral for the loan, so a final approval is always necessary after a pre-approval.
    My first home purchase was relatively recently, so I remember the million questions and feeling like I shouldn't bother someone with asking. Please- if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help!