Friday, June 29, 2012

Fridays with Bri: School's out forever!

I raise my cup to new adventures!
So today was my last day of college. I wrote my last exam and said goodbye to some friends, but it almost feels imaginary. I am not sure how to react to the fact that I will not have homework assignments and I will be taking the next steps in building a career.

I am very happy to be done but they never tell you what's next. What happens during that time in limbo? The time where the school is done but there is no job?

I figure that it is time now to decide to enjoy life, try new things and really get to that place I know I want to be and have some fun with it!

Thank you to everyone for the support and the encouragment. It has meant a lot. Especally you, Jordan: putting up with me studying every night has been so wonderful. Thank you.

PS if anyone needs a bookkeeper, I am now fully available, and fantastic. :D

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