Patrons Wanted!

The NEST—Project: Priceless

 What is the NEST?
Project: Priceless got its kickstart with the Wedding Project blog, where we planned an entire 140-person wedding for about $200.00 through social media and online word-of-mouth.
By popular demand after the wedding, we began the NEST so people could continue to follow our story. The NEST is all about the marriage experience, with a focus on smart spending, handmade goods, and local community—businesses and events in particular. We love to talk about food, lifestyle, home décor, DIY projects, and things happening around the city, interspersing these  posts with anecdotes about learning to live together as a married couple.
What’s special about partnering with the NEST?
We keep our advertising affordable and easy for our patrons to purchase. We also offer a very special perk to our patrons: you can opt to have your ad connect directly to any post we’ve written about you, which then contains a hyperlink to your website. This way, readers can link first to a word-of-mouth style post about your business before heading over to your homepage—or straight to your store front, facebook, or twitter.

Why become a blog patron with the NEST?
►The NEST is brand new, already heralding over 2000 hits per month.
►We guest post regularly on blog like
►We have a wide audience, ranging from baby boomers to new moms, to young urban couples
►We offer a wide range of topics and posts; something for everyone!
►Up to 4 reviews of your products, services, or events each year
►Opportunities to offer giveaways to readers

Ways to Get Involved:

1. Patron package:
ad space + blog posts + giveaways + product reviews
2. Collaboration Activities:
 one-off reviews or giveaways
The Patron package is a full-service experience. Patrons have ad space on our blog, which can link directly to a URL of your choosing…or for added oomph, we can link it to a blog post we’ve written about you. We encourage our patrons to a) develop their ad space with us, b) introduce us to their product, c) get involved with the blog several times throughout the year by offering giveaways, having us review new products, and routine blog posts about seasonal changes, etc.
The Collaboration are one-at-a-time partnerships, dependent on availability, interest, and scheduling at the NEST. A business may send us a one-time sample, one-time giveaway, or one-time invite to an event or evening. We determine if we can accommodate the offer depending on time and blog space, plus the appropriateness of the ‘fit’ of the offer. Ad space is reserved for patrons, but we will include a mention of the business in at least one blog post. We are PR friendly, so give us a shout!

What next?
The next step is to get in touch with us and request a rate card. We're happy to hear from you and see how we can work with you to create a mutually beneficial partnership!