About P:P Nest

Welcome to the Nest, everyone! Welcome to the new chapter in our lives, where Brian and I, newly married, learn what being legally and spiritually bound together really means. Sounds daunting? Sister, you ain’t lyin’. As we talked about in the prologue, we are gearing up to tackle marriage and in all its messy glory, learning what it means to build a life, home, and family (puppies, not babies) together.

We plan to chronicle on The Nest all the various aspects of this journey. We’ve narrowed down our goals for the first year.


The NEST is written by a newlywed couple who live in the Hintonburg/Wellington West neighbourhood of town--the artsy, hands-on, ultra-urban centre of town. We have no plans for kids, but we do have a dog and plans to get another one when the time comes. Our interests are varied, with food/wine, entertainment, DIY/crafts, arts, upcycling, community, and relationships to be the topmost. However, you'll read lots of random posts on here, with two prolific hobbyists blogging about random stuff like unicycling, roller skating, and even knitting and juggling. (Not all at the same time, though.)

We set goals for our newlywed journey, identifying the key areas that would start this marriage off on the right foot.

Build a Nest: Make our ramshackle apartment, made up of two very different lives, develop into something new and cohesive. Most importantly, do it in P:P style: with little cost and lots of collaborative creativity. We adore finding creative, frugal, and crazy ways to do home decor.

Cohabitate: Looking at this word literally, our goal is to learn to live together…everything from decisions to dishes.

Feed Each Other: Learn to cook food that has at least one part of it that doesn’t come premade.

Stay Acquainted: Find things to do in the city together so we don’t end up fermenting on the couch, eventually melding together into one big mossy couch lump.

Feed the Fire: Keep things spicy. You know what we mean.

Improve Thyself: Taking steps to keep healthy, smart, sexy, and worldly. We never want to run out of things to say or ways to impress each other.


We also plan to maintain the principles that made Project: Priceless—the Wedding Experiment so wonderful:

COMMUNITY: Be involved with our community, local businesses, and local people as much as possible. Utilizing, as always, social media tools to do so. We also encourage and participate in the 'global community' by supporting indie businesses and endeavours from across the world.

DIY: As much as possible, try to do things ourselves. DIY means learning new skills, saving money, and fostering creativity. Also, it means that, perfect or not, things will be unique…and that’s one of our favourite things.

ECO-ECONOMY: This is a newer term, used typically to label the concept of an economy that respects the earth. We’d like to take this one step further: our goal is to find ways to be ecologically friendly while also being economic. The trouble is that, while there are some kick-butt eco-friendly concepts out there, many of them are just way out of reach of people with lower-to-middle-class incomes. Our goal is to find ways to spare the earth and our budget.


Project: Priceless—The Wedding Experiment was a success because a community—an international community of people connected through the ‘net—helped us build that success. Read along with The NEST, and communicate with us! Share ideas to help us with this project. We want to hear your suggestions on new projects, activities, and ideas. And if you’re a local artisan or indie business, you know we love to hear from you; if your craft fits in with the P:P Nest goals, we want to visit with you and share what you do! So don’t be strangers, everyone. Tweet, comment, and email; we continue to welcome you along on our journey.