Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Home, Sweet Home. And hives. Lots of hives.

My new beautiful kitchen. See our
clever pegboard backsplash? :)
We have moved into the new house. I had no idea it would be this much work and this much time. I haven’t written a word in days, and if I never see another cardboard box again, it will be too soon.

We woke up that first morning in the new house to a gorgeous sunny room. Naturally this startled me, so I sat bolt-upright in bed at 6am. You see, in our old place the bedroom was in the attic and the windows were tiny, and you had to become super-sensitive to sunlight or you’d never know it was morning. Here, the window is huge and is right beside the bed. We look out on trees and a park. It is heaven.

Not a single bat has flown at me in the time we’ve been here. They are almost suspiciously absent from our lives. It reminds me of the time I got rid of a really bad roommate, but then still found I missed them a little.

Brian is dead tired and I suppose I am, too, but it feels good. We’re only half unpacked and I don’t even care. Well, except I’d really like some curtains, because living at ground level for the first time in years has reminded me that people can see you in your skivvies when you’re getting breakfast together in the morning. Oops.

Behold, my hivey legs.
It hasn’t been smooth. I woke up on the first morning here with hives all over me. I looked like a little kid with chicken pox, frankly. It wasn’t attractive, and it took us two days to figure out that it was the construction dust doing it to me. Brian had to clean the house from top to bottom while my mother washed all my linens. The reaction has ceased but has left me with red splotches that I hope will heal nicely.

But so far, I am thrilled with the house. No, not the neighbours, and no, not the commute…but the house is lovely, feels huge, and ohhhhh, that sunshine.

This is a tiny sliver of ‘happily ever after’, so I’m going to leave this post just as it is. For now. 

Sunshiney happy bed!

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