Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Farewell to MJ


This morning my best friend MJ moved away.

I have no words to describe the wretched sorrow pressing down on my chest. No words to explain how happy I am for her, and how scared and sad and lonely.

MJ and I have a long, complex history. Our relationship has changed in many ways. But I can say with some certainty that in the past 8 years, we have rarely spent more than two days apart. 

MJ is one of the few people on earth who likes all of me. She has seen me joyous, jealous, murderous, and petty. She has seen me being heroic, brave, cowardly, and crazy. 

And what's maybe more amazing is that I, too, like all of her. She is delicate perfection. She is a hot mess, and a perfect 10 all that the same time. I like her always; and that can be rare for me, as I have the patience of a lobotomized beagle when it comes to the human race.

Ottawa feels more empty today, less like home. Toronto better appreciate the gift it's getting, and treat her with gentleness, neighborly love, and generosity. A very special piece of my heart is too far away for a late-night hug, or a five-minute coffee. Too far away for me to beat up anyone who messes with her. Too far away, plain and simple.

I am sending MJ all my best and brightest wishes. I hope she finds new success and new friends and new happiness; I hope she keeps going with the momentum of this courageous move. And I won't lie: I kinda hope her happy journey will bring her back this way again. 

I love you, MJ.


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