Monday, May 21, 2012

This week in pictures: newlyweds in the nest and beyond

Brian had a genius idea the other day: there are many things we get up to in a week that don't get posted as a blog post because, well, then we wouldn't have time to be doing these things in the first place. But we do tend to snap a couple pictures here and there. So here's our week (and a bit) in photos, with a tweet-length description beside each. Light reading for a Monday afternoon.

Funny pic: I don't know where this 'Club Soda' is, but I totally want to go there and hang out with these hip cats.

I didn't follow any of the earlier bear story, but this just sounded like the Wile E Coyote writers had hijacked this bear's day.

Mom solidified her status as Coolest Ever by getting us tickets to Bryan Adams. 2.5 hr non-stop playing. Heavenly.

A robin laid her eggs in a nest she built on our balcony. Sadly, they were eaten by something. This bothered me all week.


My first time EVER baking from scratch: oatmeal chocolate chip muffins! They were really good! Brian LOVED them.

This 'mushroom' headline was so obscure, and the imagination makes such visuals, that I had to save it for further perusal.

Brian participated in a rock climbing competition. This sign indicated that the gym is high enough to die. Twice. (He did great, though.)

Gaining confidence in my cooking, I created these no-bake energy ball cookies from the Moxley website. They're delish.

The Punk Ottawa flea market provided me with a new mushroom item. So did the highJinx yard sale.

We planted our garden this Sunday, and it was worth the mild heat stroke. Soon we will have veggies; we shall fight the squirrels for them!

More baking: I managed to set my beater on fire, then the oven, by using wax paper in the oven to make these now-dubbed 'fire cookies'. Oops

Missing pictures: Jordan makes bean dip, and we both see Tommy Emmanuel (the guitar legend) in concert.

That's it for now! If there's any of these that you'd like to see explained with greater elaboration, don't hesitate to comment below. I think the fire cookies are worthy of their own post, quite frankly. They managed to still be tasty, and their recipe has been repinned on my Pinterest repeatedly.

On with Monday...


  1. I had a mushroom canister just like that. It use to be my grandfather's. Sadly I don't have it anymore. At times I go through major purges and get rid of stuff I later regret :(

    1. Any, what size Was your jar? Was it a full sized cookie jar style, or smaller? I have things I've tossed away that I regret too. I try to remind myself that our journey was done but now it is on a new one, with people who maybe need it more. :)