Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blog News: We're speaking, reading, and blogging!

Man alive, the last couple weeks have been awesome for the NEST. We’ve got some great news, and can’t wait to share it: 


Last year saw the debut of Ottawa’s premier social media learnathon, called Social Capital. Social Capital (also called SoCapOtt for short) is a one-day conference gathering 250 social media fanatics and providing them with some of the smartest and coolest social media savants available. And this year, the speaker lineup includes Brian and me! We’ll be offering a session on ‘putting the soul back in social media’—details to come.

This is super exciting for us. I attended SoCapOtt last year, and was completely unprepared for the eye-opening, mind-expanding speakers and round table discussions. It was at this conference that I had my great lightbulb moment and realized I had found my mothership.

This year, the conference is offering four learning streams:
Personal Use: for the blogger/tweeter/Tumblr-er/etc who would like to expand their knowledge, influence, and personal goals.
Small Business: for the independent business owner who is looking to better harness social media to grow their brand and business.
Professional: for the communications pro who’s looking to solidify and streamline a great social media strategy for their company.
Non-profit/Government: for the community service or government worker who is looking to expand their offices’ reach and image via social media.

Personally, I’m going to recommend mix-and-matching; sometimes, what you really want to learn is in a different stream than you thought it would be, and that’s great!

The SoCapOtt conference is on Saturday July 21st this year, and tickets are already on sale. Be sure to grab ‘em early, because last year they sold out and there’s no way to beg, borrow, or steal an extra pair!


The next incredible honor is Blog Out Loud Ottawa. BOLO, as it’s generally known, is “an Ottawa-based get-together for bloggers, lurkers, and anyone who likes to hear good writing. “ In its fourth year, this event takes place this year at the Arrow & Loon pub in the Glebe, on June 14th. You can learn more about the event here, but in a nutshell, it’s an opportunity to hear over 20 bloggers read out their best post of the year…and this year, yours truly is included in that lineup. We hope you’ll come out and listen to all these incredible bloggers. It should be an amazing evening, and I nervously, yet excitedly, await my opportunity to read!


Thirdly: last week, I (Jordan) wrote a post for the Wellman Wilson blog. Wellman Wilson is a social media consultation firm here in Ottawa—a damn fine one, with two of the smartest social media Jedi I’ve yet met. The owners of this company only recently joined forces, which means they’ve amalgamated their efforts, and their blogs. I heartily recommend subscribing to their blog for some of the best, most user-friendly social media news and knowledge you can find. So imagine my utter amazement when they agreed to have me on for a guest post! The only catch was a (joking) request from Lara Wellman that I provide a photo of myself, dressed on theme with my post. The topic is branding, and I specifically talked about what happens when you don’t pull together a cohesive ‘ensemble’. Well, if Lara Wellman and Karen Wilson want a photo,then  sister, I’m gonna get one for you. Here’s the rest of the shoot for you to enjoy, but be sure to check out the actual post, too.

A great week for us here at the NEST. We’re feeling pretty proud of our writing, our social media knowledge, and our presence in the community. It’s so wonderfully affirming to be recognized in these wonderful ways, and for this, we are both incredibly grateful.

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