Sunday, May 13, 2012

Short Story: Dad learns of The Bloggess

I have begun blogging very short stories because my BFF is moving away; explanation is here

I started reading the new novel by Jenny Lawson (aka the Bloggess) the other day, and it's so funny that I keep telling people stories fom it. I was describing Jenny to my dad and told him about Jenny's obsession with antique taxidermied animals, and he got all riled up; apparently antique dead animals have all sorts of carcinogens going on, though I can't remember what type. He said that the museum he works at has a HazMat team handle those things, and that I should warn Jenny not to touch them anymore. I tried to explain that Jenny's dad was a taxidermist and probably knew this stuff, and also that Jenny Lawson is a big deal and I don't know her, nor do I think we're ever going to be engaged in casual chat where I can warn her about her cancer risks. But I guess it's a bit like when people ask a Canadian if they know Steve or Joe...that assumption that we all know each other, right? Apparently in my dad's eyes, all us bloggers meet up at our blogger gentleman's club and drink sherry. Anyway, Jenny, if you ARE out there somewhere, my dad thinks you're a comedic genius and would like you to watch out for your health.

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