Monday, May 7, 2012

My BFF leaves: the start of 'short stories'.

My bestie.

My BFF migrates, and my dog smothers me. 


My best friend MJ is moving away. This is a recent and relatively sudden development, at least for MJ, who usually takes eons to pick a flavor of chips at the gas station. She has good reasons for going, and I am trying hard to put on a brave face, but inside my chest is a whirling black hole of loss and anxiety. Sounds a bit extreme, I know. That's how extremely I love this person.
One of the first things that hit me was that I wasn't going to be able to tell MJ every little thought that comes to my head. The solution, of course, was right in front of me: the blog. MJ is where all my mini anecdotes usually find an audience. As you, reader, are likely stuck on a bus, in a waiting room, or at your boring desk job right now, I figure I've got a captive audience that may actually enjoy some of my random daily dealings. It's a win-win situation for all, because YOU get more blog posts, I find an outlet for my tales, and MJ doesn't have to walk around Toronto with her Bluetooth permanently on. So here's a story, just for practice.

Woman Vs Dog: dog wins. 


Bri and Mr Darcy.
On Wednesday night, we headed over to my parents' house for our weekly guitar lesson with my dad. We brought our fat pug, Mr Darcy, so Dad could help clip his nails. As we drove along, Darcy started his usual wailing howl of excitement, which I usually silence by reaching back behind my seat and whacking him. It sounds bad, but it's a very light tap and it's the only effective intervention because he's so stupid. It's a bit like whacking an old TV to clear the static. Anyway, this time Mr Darcy managed to find a corner of the back seat that was just too far away from my seat to reach him. For a while I waved my arm around wildly, but he wasn't threatened and continued to squeal like a grotesque furry pig with laryngitis. In desperation, I pulled the lever and leaned my seat all the way back so I could reach out and whack him, but he had a flash of brilliance and instead of ducking, he ran straight at me. Suddenly he was standing on the headrest of my seat, his hairy jelly belly on my face. I screeched and tried to pull the seat lever again, but Darcy's added weight kept it firmly down. He snuffled and licked my ears, chewed my hair, and settled into a sort of neck pillow on my seat; and that is how we continued the whole trip.
More stories to come. Then I will teach MJ about Blog Reader apps for her phone. Then it'll be like she never left. 

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