Wednesday, February 1, 2012

World, meet Sweetstitch: interview and giveaway!


If you don’t already know somehow, we’re indie business-obsessed here at Project: Priceless. With our love of all things handmade and DIY, we seek out the coolest local (and national/international) artisans to support. Recently, we discovered Sweetstitch, and wanted to feature the brand. We connected with owner Sue Redekop, and asked her a few questions about her business…and at the end of this post, we have our first-ever giveaway!

What is your name? : 
Sue Redekop

What is your business’s name? :

How can people find you? :

How did you hear about Project: Priceless--the NEST? :
Via twitter and the blog!

What do you make/do?:
I sew accessories with gorgeous fabrics, sourced locally and as far away as Japan…my focus is on handy dandy cute zipper pouches.

How do you fit in with the DIY/handmade world?
I love the handmade community and am so impressed by what is created from local crafters. It's a welcoming, supportive environment for the creative side of my personality.

We covet Sue's wreaths!
How do you fit in with the Eco-Economy concept? (Eco-economy=green but sensibly priced):
I try to use upcycled fabric as much as possible; I hate to see waste, so I’ll use anything from curtains to duvet covers, skirts, pants etc., and transform them into new creations.

How long have you been in business? :
Sweetstitch has been around for a year and a bit.

What is your favourite thing about what you do? :
I love the whole process of sewing, from picking out the fabrics to hunting fabrics down in second hand shops, and repurposing them into practical cute items.

What’s was your most unusual gig/project/product you’ve created? :
I was requested to make custom fabric boxes; that was quite a learning curve, sewing with really stiff fabric! I broke a few needles during the process.

How did your business get started? :
I started with a small holiday home show and received a great response, then opened an Etsy shop. Now Sweetstitch is currently in 8 shops: locally, you can find us at Flock Boutique, Workshop, and Adorit

What warms your heart? :
I love seeing my daughter now create and craft and continue the tradition...she is so eager to learn! It's quite heartwarming and makes me smile.

If you're married/in a long term relationship: what's your tip for a happy romance?:
Have a sense of humour and don't sweat the small stuff…life is too short!


Sweetstitch has been wonderful enough to donate one of her fabulous zipper pouches (with owls, to honor our pursuit of retro forest animal housewares) and two pin cushions so that we can run a giveaway this month. This beautiful pouch and pincushions can be yours…just follow these simple steps and we’ll draw randomly from the entries:

One entry—Facebook: Simply ‘like’ our Facebook page, then write on our wall (all the red writing): I want the sweetstitch pouch! (If you already 'like' us, just post the message on our wall!)

Bonus entry—Twitter: ‘Follow’us on twitter, if you haven’t already, and then post the following tweet (all the red writing): I follow @projectpricelss and you should follow them, too: ! (If you already follow us, just post the tweet!)

Good Karma points: To keep in touch with Sweetstitch, we invite you to ‘Like’ them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter!

The draw will take place on February 28, 2012, and the winner will be notified hopefully the same day. If the winner doesn't claim their prize within 24 hrs, we will re-draw.

Thanks for introducing yourself, Sue of Sweetstitch! It's a pleasure to meet you and your craft!

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