Sunday, February 26, 2012

Come one and all: Celebrate Her 2012 begins!

We've got a couple pieces of news from the Celebrate Her 2012 headquarters, so let me quickly update you!

First off, if you missed our previous blog entries, you may be asking, "What is Celebrate Her?" A quick reminder: Celebrate Her is a week-long fine-arts fundraising and awareness campaign benefiting Ottawa's Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC), “Amazing Women” and local artists running from March 3rd thru March 10th. And the two of us here at the NEST have been dubbed the official event bloggers, hurray!

Head over to the Celebrate Her website, and see all the wonderful arts events going on this first week (and a bit) of March. The week starts off with an art crawl through the Wellington West/Hintonburg/Centretown areas, with a launch party to follow. As the week progresses, you will see there are slam poets, author signings, musicians, and tons more happening, with at least one event happening every evening over the eight days. Tickets are Pay What You Can, with a suggested amount of $10; the Grand Finale, of course, will be the place to be, and tickets start at $35. We'll be live tweeting and Facebook reviewing as many of the events as we can possibly get to, and blogging about our favourite moments. Stay in touch with Celebrate Her via twitter and facebook to be sure you don't miss a moment.

From the site: "Celebrate HER presents a week-long Amazing Women photo installation open to the public from March 3-10, 2012.  This series was conceived to recognize and honor women in our community who live to love, inspire others and affect positive change." Anytime we recognize extraordinary women for their contributions and hard work, I'm excited...but this time, I'm super excited because I've been nominated, too.

Brian secretly nominated me, and I know that may seem like, "Oh, well, obviously her husband nominates her", but this means more to me than anyone else nominating me ever could. Brian read me his nomination letter, and in it he called me his hero. To have your partner call you their hero is one of the most gratifying experiences I think you can ever have. More than anyone, Brian sees the literal sweat, tears, and quaking anxiety attacks that go into my many projects and volunteer efforts. He sees how I labour over blog posts, fundraisers, or event coordination equally. He has watched me transform myself from quiet mouse to roaring lion (okay, but I'm getting there), and he thought enough of it to nominate me for recognition. I have a hard time with praise, but I hope he knows how much I am moved by this gesture.

Everyone, regardless of gender, is invited to the Celebrate Her events. I hope we see many of you out there, and that you come say hi to us. I love it, always, when the 'fun' is put into a fundraiser, and we sincerely believe you'll experience just that at the Celebrate Her festivities.

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