Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Month of Me: birthday day review.

My Month of Me is wrapping up at the end of the upcoming weekend. Yes, I acknowledge that this will make it more of a Six Weeks of Me. It was a weird month and there were scheduling difficulties. Anyway, I’m enjoying this ‘me’ stuff so much that I may just keep right on doing it.

This post is just a brief one today, though, highlighting my birthday day itself. I had posted to say that I would be doing the 10 Photos project—one photo an hour for 10 hours—for my birthday, and I did it. I missed a spot here or there, usually when I was having the best times, of course. What’s that old quote? “It’s the good girls who keep diaries. The bad girls never have time.” But I think I got enough to illustrate how my awesome day went.

Gift #1: typewriter charm from Brian. Love! Presents in bed are the best kind.

An hour later, birthday pug Mr Darcy comes to get me out of bed.
By request, Brian finally shaves his mountain man growth. Another present for moi.

Lunch of sushi with my sweetie!

Down at Magpie in Westboro to pick up my Pyrrha (gift to myself); and Brian surprised me with a dino pendant!
Meanwhile, I fed the staff chocolate covered ginger.

Shopping with birthday money...3 garments, good for work AND play.

A stop at my BFF's house to watch River Monsters.

Mom and Dad give me their gift: archery equipment to learn with Brian and Dad!

Dinner with parents at the new Mill Street Brew Pub. I was too busy eating to take a photo, so here's the dino pendant
that Brian got me as gift #2.

Comedy club with Brian and parents. Front row seats meant that everyone got harassed, high-fived, and hollered at.

Bonus pic: Mom & Dad at the comedy club.

Bonus pic: me and Brian at the comedy club.

Unexpected gift: Brian made the bed. (It looked better before, but I jumped on it in glee.) Confession:
there was another gift in the bedroom. But I'm not showing you.

 So all in all, a fantastic birthday. Probably my favourite so far, actually. Adventurous food, a plethora of presents, comedy club laughs...and time with my biggest cheerleaders. It felt like such a great way to start off my new year. I've got more reflections brewing, so stay tuned for another post about the Month of Me before long. In the meantime, I'm trying to just enjoy the afterglow of being spoiled rotten; and I'm trying to stop hesitating before programming my age into the elliptical machine.

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  1. Goo 30! Sounds like a wonderful day!
    I sat at the front at a comedy club once - never again! I'm way too shy!