Monday, January 30, 2012

Turning 30: Jordan's Month of Me Part 1

I’m turning 30 in less than 30 days. I decided a while back that the best way to ring in this major milestone was to follow in the footsteps of blogger Julie (of Coffee with Julie) by having a “Month of Me”. Julie took a month for herself and indulged in self-affirming activities for thirty days…my month has accidentally become protracted somewhat, however, and has really turned into “Six Weeks of Me”, but that doesn’t sound as good so we’ll call it a month.


What is my Month of Me? It’s the month where I treat myself with all the care, love, respect, and fun that I…well, that I should have been showing myself for the past thirty years more consistently. It’s my month to reaffirm that I deserve attention, love, generosity, and indulgence—from myself, not relying on anyone else’s affections or attentions. It’s a reminder that everything I need is already inside. I am my own best friend. (Now let’s see if I can learn to actually live like that.)


The month began this past weekend, with our housewarming party. Well, ‘party’ may be a big word for a small gathering of, in the end, six people. We’d had a number of last-minute cancellations, which at first saddened me until I remembered that Brian likes big crowds, not me—so really, this was happier for me anyway. As the evening progressed, our family and friends engaged in conversation about everything from deer hunting to the Celestine Prophecy; I took a moment and just drank in the happiness. I think it’s a good sign when you can bring friends together who don’t know each other, and all of them like each other right away. It makes me feel like we’re on the right track. And coincidentally (or not), the people that came were ones that have been recently playing some important roles in our lives as confidantes, playmates, and spiritual comrades. So: house is officially warmed.

I also took a job offer for a new full time job that will replace both my part-time jobs. This wasn’t technically part of the Month of Me plan, but it worked out and allowed me to justify buying some new work clothes. I’ve worked for ten years with youth, so my wardrobe had narrowed down to include three pairs of jeans and a slew of printed tees. While I love clothes and fashion, the teens I work with feel I’m more approachable in casual digs, and I haven’t protested because I love being comfortable. But my goal is to rediscover my personal ‘brand’ and have it combine a professional image with my Pearl Jam-loving-gypsy-ragamuffin-rocker clothing personality. More on this later.

I was also supposed to go for a pedicure, but I spent my pennies on a lip waxing instead. I could go into great detail explaining, but suffice it to say, age brings more hair...and when the wax girl apologized for taking so long, explaining, "You just have so much hair!" I knew I'd made the right choice. Few people see my feet, but a lot of people would notice crumbs stuck in my mo.

The rest of the month is still being scheduled, but the plans so far include:
-high tea at the Tea Party with Mom
-a late Christmas dinner with my cousin (and former bridesmaid) Suzie
-a felting workshop with Annie Bananie
-a craft tweetup mid-month (I’ve never done this before and I’m STOKED)
-dinner at a Mexican restaurant for which I have a Groupon
-getting my hair cut
-using our prize for ARC the hotel: we won a 2-night stay last year and are going to use it
-a special piece of jewellery for myself from Magpie (more on this later)
-dinner and a comedy club with my parents
-dinner and a movie with my friends

I feel funny looking at that list. Normally in a given year, I might do that list of things over the course of 12 months, not 45 days. But, where hitting thirty years may be an indicator to some people to slow down and start taking responsibilities more seriously, etc etc etc, I am the opposite. I lived a very austere, serious, and self-sacrificing first three decades, and I’ve promised myself more fun, self-care, and fancy-free time from here-on out. I mean, of course I still check to make sure that we have the resources to support these things…I’m not flying out to Cuba tomorrow for a month or anything…but I am committed to learning how to give myself a dose of the love and generosity that I have always been so willing to give to others.

So if you hear me justifying and rationalizing and defending my Month of Me, please comment and tell me to stop it. I will try not to rebut with equally defensive replies. And if you have suggestions of more things to do, comment below, or email or tweet! I should note, however, that all demands of bungee jumping or skydiving will be ignored. I’m thirty, not twenty-one.


  1. Enjoy your Month of Me! I sure did :)

    1. Thanks, Julie! It's only a few days in and already great! I think it'll be hard to STOP doing it! :)