Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The NEST in NS: Pictou, Nova Scotia and Fish n' Chips!

Brian pulling in at Murphy's


Tuesday found us in Pictou, Nova Scotia's first settlement of Scotsman. 


Tuesday found us in Pictou, with a checklist of sites to see. We started off by immediately heading into Murphy's Fish & Chips: a restaurant internationally acclaimed for having the best fish n' chips in the world. Friends, let me tell ya: it did not disappoint.

Gerard, owner of Murphy's, keeps his fish batter recipe to himself, and that's a very good idea. His fish, served in huge filets with a crisp, flavourful batter crust, was far and away the finest any of us had ever had. With crispy fries to complement the haddock, and salad for those with a desire for greens, every platter was licked clean. Whole fried clams were passed around the table; these babies were tender and delicious. 

We took home one of Murphy's other secret recipes: a butterscotch pie, piled high with real whipped cream. The pie was fantastic, with a delicate butterscotch flavour, a perfectly-baked crust, and all that rich whipped cream. I'm salivating right now, knowing there's one slice left in the fridge...

The Hector, a replica tall ship.
If you're in Pictou, friends, Murphy's is a must. When back this way, we'll be back there again, I am absolutely certain.


My dad's big goal for this particular town was to get himself down to the Grohman knife factory and get himself a good chef's knife. Grohman knives are reknown the world over, and Dad had a field day choosing one for himself. 

Meanwhile, Mom and I headed down the street to find some locally made goodies. Pictou has a high number of gift shops, but the nice thing is that a huge majority of their wares are locally made. I picked up a couple things, including a really cool gift for my BFF. Brian got himself a tie pin with the MacGregor clan's crest on it--his mom's family crest.

While we shopped, my brother's partner and exchange student went to the Hector, a replica tall ship and museum, which they also really enjoyed.
Brian considers a locally-made hat.
The pipe, naturally, is already his.


The evening ended with us heading back to the cottage and making personal pizzas on the BBQ using greek pitas. Then we brought out the Scrabble board. Turns out my brother Mike has never played before (I do not know how this is possible), so we taught him how. Then basically, Mike and I were just token players while the real battle raged between Mom and Brian. Their weeks-long Words With Friends fight was now an in-person war. By the end of the game, both warriors had hundreds of points, with Mike and I claiming maybe 150 between us. Mom won, but it could have gone either way.

The evening ended with a thousand mosquitos scaring us back into the house, and an early bedtime in preparation for the next day's adventures. I expect there to be a rematch of the Scrabble game, though; maybe this time I'll just watch. Safer that way.

The family at Murphy's

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