Sunday, July 15, 2012

The NEST in NS: Hopewell Rocks, NB


Technically, this post is about New Brunswick; but we first got the idea to visit Hopewell Rocks when Brian and I were watching a show called Departures; two young Canadian guys started a world tour, and began at this incredible place. When we saw the show, we  knew we had to see it ourselves.

Hopewell Rocks is a place along the Bay of Fundy where the tides are the highest in all the world. Apparently, they're also pretty violent, because they've been wearing away at the rocks there, creating stunning, gravity-defying rock formations that have been the subject of the area's Aboriginal lore for generations.

The drive to get to the rocks was three hours long. It was worth every minute. I don't actually know what else I can say...I think I'll let the photos do the talking. (Many of these were taken by my dad, Bill Kent--always wise to bring a professional photographer on any trip!)

Baby falcon!

Brian and Mike

Jordan and brother Mike.

The original Kents.

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