Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mini-post: I am the nutter on the street corner

Our laptop is in the laptop hospital, so blogging has been difficult. To pass the time, I'm writing mini-posts until my precious computer is returned to me. Here's another.

Today I went grocery shopping, and my bestie MJ called me at the same time. I had my handsfree thing in my ear as I entered the store, and our chat carried on through my entire shopping excursion--even the part where I argued with the cashier about a gift card. As I was heading to the exit, a pretty gal about my age was walking through the doors and made eye contact with me; I must have been smiling at something MJ was saying because this girl smiled back at me, but I wasn't actually paying attention to her, and she clearly hadn't noticed my handsfree thingy. Anyway, MJ was telling me about how the olives on the pizza she'd just ordered smelled funny, so I was reassuring her, saying, "Sometimes olives smell funny, honey." The timing worked out that I said this rather odd sentence just as the grocery store girl was passing right in front of me. The poor thing clearly thought I'd opened my mouth to address her, maybe thinking we knew each other, and instead of a hello, she got, "Sometimes olives smell funny, honey." Grocery Store Girl giggled nervously and took off. MJ was still debating whether or not to eat her pizza, so I just shrugged and walked on.

I should probably mention that this is the same grocery store where I'd previously stolen a woman's grocery cart and had been observed sorting through the stranger's groceries til I'd found all the produce I wanted. (If you haven't read that post, now's your chance.) I won't be surprised if my photo is up in their security office soon.

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