Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hark! The laptop has returned!

Yay, sing a song! Do a spin! Shout to the rooftops! My laptop is BACK!!!

I can blog for real again!

Let's just enjoy this a moment, shall we, this wonderful moment where I'm not trying to access all my blog functions on a tiny, bare-bones mobile app? Let's enjoy the simple pleasure of uploading a photo.

Ha! Wondrous day! Now, wait for it....

Yes!!!! Right-side alignment!Sing the praises of the heavens above!

Callooh callay! It is once again possible to embed a video! We have returned from the stone age, my darlings. (PS. It's worth the watch.)

O, glorious joy of changing my font size, colour, and style!

The world is my oyster again. And I have 32 colours to enjoy it in.

So let out a boisterous cheer and raise a pint to the techie nerds who got my darling laptop back on his feet. Huzzah, you pale, hunchbacked computer geeks. I tip my hat at your scrawny, comic-themed-shirt-clad selves. Staying indoors all those years, growing pasty and never talking to girls, was worth it all. Your sacrifice will be remembered, nerds! I thank you.

All this to say: I'm back, and I'm blogging. Maybe in bold.

1 comment:

  1. Yay for you and for technie nerds!
    One of those geekoids saved me too, just yesterday. My laptop was so close to being toasted I couldn't breathe.
    Both Mr. Geekoid and I thought it was done.
    (He was pasty, but Santa-sized with a grey ponytail down his back...)
    Someone in my household who shall not be named had used the laptop and it had somehow come into contact with some kind of liquid. I didn't know. When the charger thingy was plugged in later, it "arced" which I think pretty much amounts to seeing the white light when you die.
    I'm doing a spin for you, for me, for the laptop dudes and the future in bold!

    P.S. Love the hat and the hair. Pam : )