Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vote for Project: Priceless--we're nominated!

I gotta keep this short as I'm heading out the door, but: we just found out we are nominated for a Canadian Blogger Award. Too cool, right? Yet, we had no idea, so people have been voting for a month and we just caught on now, with about two weeks to go.

If you love our blog, please do vote for us by going to the poll here. Winning an award for something that is definitely a labour of love would mean a lot to us--especially if it comes from you folks voting.

The category we've been promoting is the 'Best blog about Arts, Crafts, Cooking, and other creative pursuits', but it turns out , we're also nominated for 'Best overall blog'. So if you'd like to vote for the 'Arts, Crafts, Cooking, etc', please do, and if you have extra time, vote for us in 'Best overall' as well. (Or whichever one feels right to you.)

We thank you all for your love and support over the 15 months of blogging. It's so much fun sharing our lives with you all. Keep reading, keep learning from our mistakes, and keep following!


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