Thursday, December 1, 2011

Moving Day: Brian's thoughts on marriage and a fresh start

The big move: most people have done it at least once. The sea of newspapers, the mountain of boxes, the month leading up to the move where everything is out of place, and worst of all the stress… 

During our pre-marital course, graciously offered by the Biker Church of Ottawa to our wedding project, we found out about stressful periods in a marriage; and of course, during these first four months of marriage, life has really put us to the test by throwing multiple high stress situations at us: job loss, moving, a disintegrating home and health problems due to mold. The stress from all these issues combined has made for some pretty incredible arguments between us. However, when I woke up this morning and looked at my wife I realized that by going through all this it has made us stronger...more connected. 

There's been the sleepless nights, the depressed days, trying to maintain your own identity and also create a new one with your partner; and through this, supporting each other through a lot of tough stuff. It has been hard and in no way am I saying that every newlywed couple should go through what we did, but I’m glad we’ve survived it. Our mantra for when we make up after a fight has been “Us VS the world,” and that to me means this: we get to choose who and what is in our lives, we get to choose how it affects us, and we get to do it together.

I have realized that through all that has happened it really shows that a marriage is all about teamwork and partnership. Getting through the hard times, having that person you trust there to share in all your range of feelings is better than anything I could have ever hoped for. Having a person there when you're down, excited, or hyper, and especially when you’re taking on the world has been the best experience of being married. 

I woke up this morning looking forward to our move finally being finished. With it comes a fresh start, a place where we get to put up curtains and really share in our goals. We'll enter in to this new home, our new “nest”, truly solidified as partners against whatever the world tries to throw our way. It feels like we are starting our lives off with a good step and for that I am grateful.  I am realizing that cherishing every moment spent with your 'someone special' is more than just a need--it's a must for a successful relationship. And I know that I am proud to be married to someone so special to me.

It’s a wonderful feeling that no matter what, we can make it through anything.

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