Monday, November 14, 2011

Steampunk's newest Coggler: Brian finds his mothership

Have you heard of Steampunk? Google it, you’re gonna love it. Basically, take Victorian fashion and furniture, then mash it up with futuristic time machines and laser-based weaponry. This weekend, while Jordan was double-booked at a fundraising event, Brian headed out to a Steampunk event on his own. No further introduction is really needed, though you can check out the various links if you’re feeling confused as you read about the gathering…
Steampunk Ottawa’s Swap Meet and Whist night was an amazing collection of cogglers, gizmologists, and congenators all united in their love of the weird and amazing world of Steampunk. The crew got together to trade, barter, and give away their creations and spare parts for new ideas. The event was hosted at an amazing anachronaut’s house named Lee Ann who welcomed me and a few other newbies to our first-ever Steampunk event. I made out well at the swap: I walked out with a new hat and a handmade ray gun…. Amazing!
This collection of Steampunkers are living the life of re-using and reducing waste every day. They repurpose everything, even the leather off of old couches, into beautiful works of art. Everything from their wardrobes to the Steampunk-inspired Library that Lee Ann has created in her 1899 home is true to the Victorian/steam engine inspired culture. Being my first time at a Steampunk event it was incredible to meet such an amazing group of people who are sol accepting of everyone. Every person I talked to was passionate about not throwing away anything… most of them complained about having too many amazing items and not enough room for them.
The evening also included a friendly game of whist, which is a trick-collecting card game very similar to euchre or trump. This was a fantastic way to finish off the evening, seeing people all dressed up sitting down to a lovely game of cards.
It was a wonderful night of bartering and trading for ray guns, cogs and copper pipe; all the while being dressed up in late-era Victorian dress. I myself donned a drawstringed pirate-type shirt, then wore my favourite brown vest and slacks, with my pocket watches on hand. This event and all the events held by Ottawa Steampunk are true to the idea of accepting all that is weird and creative. If you want to check out any of their upcoming events I suggest finding them on Facebook.
This collection of futuristic-Victorian people, playing with their ray guns and pocket watches, are definitely living in a wondrous world in which I want to belong.

For more events check out Steampunk Canada for events near you

Photo Credits: (top to bottom) logo for Ottawa Steampunk taken from Facebook, Steam punk sculptures by Catherinette rings, fellow Cogglers and gizmologists enjoying a wonderful game, Items for barter and trade

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  1. Thank you Brian for the lovely compliments. I'm very glad you had so much fun. If anyone reading your post is interested, but not in the Ottawa area, there are groups across Canada. You can find them at Steampunk Canada.