Thursday, November 3, 2011

Improving ourselves: a fitness show, and a nutritionist intervention

It is time for Project: Priceless to focus on fitness and nutrition, ladies and gents. In preparation for this new push for health, I spent the last four days eating mini Twix bars while sitting on the couch watching Dancing with the Stars, but it's time to get down to business. We start off reporting on a fitness show this weekend, then we're spending a month in intensive food retraining. Better finish off the mini Snickers now...


On Saturday, after we fly through two craft shows, find some lunch, and head downtown, we will be heading to the National Capital FitDay, where we’ve been invited to play our favourite role: roving reporters! This multi-sport show-slash-tradeshow is a huge event, with everything from bodybuilding competitions to a poker run bicycle event. The part that will appeal to most of us Weekend Warriors, however, is the giant tradeshow; sure to be rife with samples and tons of cool products, I'm looking forward to finding new tools and tricks in helping us get in shape. Check out their site, and consider joining us at the show this Saturday; we’ll be blogging about it afterwards!


Staying in shape and eating healthy is a big part of our goal to ‘Improve Thyself’. That’s hard to believe if you were anywhere near us on Tuesday night, when Brian scarfed down a large Smoke’s Triple Pork poutine (pulled pork, bacon, and sausage over cheese curds and fries smothered in gravy). Brian’s forte is not healthy eating, and left to his own devices I really do worry what would happen to him. He has the puppy-like habit of doing terrible things to his stomach, getting a stomach ache, but not quite mentally connecting action to reaction. Like our pug Mr Darcy, he’ll probably do it again the next day. This is an unfortunate trait for a young man who actually does have a sensitive gut, and who married a girl with a hyper-sensitive gut. So naturally, when we heard from nutritionist Heather Moxley an upcoming course, I jumped up and down with joy.

Heather Moxley (photo from her site)
Heather Moxley is a local Registered Holistic Nutritionist here in Ottawa, and you may recognize her from Rogers Daytime Ottawa or from CTV Morning Ottawa, two local shows she is frequently on, teaching us all tantalizing tips for being good to our bodies. I’ve watched Heather on TV many times and have always thought she was very cool, with tons of info that I never learn anywhere else. When Heather offered to have me attend one of her four-week courses, I knew it would be a great fit for our ‘Improve Thyself’ goal, while being a super fun thing to blog about through the course. I believe there’s still room in the course, as well, so if you are thinking about signing up, do it! Then come say hi!

We asked Heather some questions so everyone could get to know her and her practice better; here are her answers.

What’s your name, business name, and education? I’m Heather Moxley B.Sc.,RHN.  Heather Moxley Nutrition Clinic.  I am a Registered Natural Nutritionists that specializes in gastro-intestinatal disabilities. 

Give us the ‘elevator pitch’ of your business. My business is a nutrition consulting company that offers private, group and corporate nutrition education.  Our team of nutritionists build individual plans to meet the goals and medical needs of our clients.  Specifically, we excel in conditions like celiacs, crohn's, IBS, and gall bladders that have removed.  We are not a weight loss clinic, but most of our clients experience weight loss as a result.  Our goal is to teach food science so that YOU can build a balanced menu plan.  

What’s your favourite part of what you do? I love my job for several reasons.  One: I love when food creates joy in our clients life again.  ALot of time food becomes the enemy or stressful... it's nice to give them focus and direction so they can enjoy it again.  Two: It's amazing when the food science works and the client gets their energy and life back.  Three: we have amazing clients that become part of our family.  We build really strong relationships with them and share so many of their achievements.  It brings me so much happiness to be apart of their life journey.  Four:  I get to talk about food all day.... who wouldn't love that? 

What makes Ottawa a great place to do business? What makes it a hard place? The people in Ottawa are ready to be healthy again and have found our services help them achieve that.  There aren't that many nutritionists in this city so it makes for a great market.  Plus alot of people have health insurance for our services.  We've heard from our clients that there is not enough nutritional support in the medical community, especially for intestinal disabilities.... so it's great that we can offer them that help.  Only down side of working in Ottawa is that alot of the government workers do not receive our services through their benefits... With so many civil servants that work here, it can be tricky to market effectively.

Tell us about what aspects of Project: Priceless—the NEST you tie into: Project Priceless.... well I'd have to say ‘Improve Thyself’ and ‘Feed Each Other’.  Looking through the blog posts... this is an area that needs a little attention ;)  To be honest... the way we teach food science makes it fun and once you know how to put the food together the right way... well... it's hard to eat the crap that's out there.  100% of our clients NEVER return to their old habits.  We take a lot of pride in making sure they learn and understand what food does to the body.

If you could tell the whole world one piece of advice about nutrition, what would it be? Eat 5 different colours each day.  Most of us know we are supposed to eat fruit and vegetables.... so we eat a salad.  If you can try to include 5 different colours, you are going to get all of the anti-oxidants you need, not to mention all the other wonderful vitamins and minerals.  We teach this lesson early with our clients and it is by far the most memorable.  If you change nothing else in your diet.... getting in 5 colours goes a long way.  

I’m super excited to get started on November 22nd, and it sounds like Heather’s had her eye on our diet…eep. I’m ready for info, and ready to bring home the knowledge that will help us both be healthier with happier bellies. I have a sneaking suspicion that Brian’s days of triple-meat poutines are numbered. Hopefully Heather doesn’t try to take me off chocolate!

You can find Heather here:
Heather Moxley Nutrition Clinic.  


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