Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Adam Pap Photography

One year ago today, Brian and I got married.

365 days later, everyone's still alive and breathing, and likes each other, even.

There may be some of you who don't know about Project: Priceless, the free wedding experiment: in short, we planned our wedding over ten months, and we did it as free-of-charge as possible; seriously, check out the Project: Priceless blog if you haven't before. What started out as a request to family for old decorations turned into an outpouring of support from strangers and businesses alike. We had the time of our lives meeting new people and promoting a lot of independent business, and best of all, we used social media to do it. On our big day, we were surrounded by friends, family, and tons of the people who helped out with the wedding...and yes, a handful of bloggers, too. We had a hashtag -- #ppwedding -- for people to live tweet the whole day.

Adam Pap Photography
That one beautiful day, Brian and I felt so overwhelmed with love and kindness. We had each other, and just as amazing, we had a community brought together through a crazy little wedding blog. And you know, we still feel that love and connection with so many of the people from our project. (If you want the rundown on the wedding project, watch this video.)

I am, naturally, thinking many big thoughts today. Mostly, I'm thinking about how lucky I am, for many reasons and because of many people, but certainly because a special person named Brian agreed to love me forever.

Here's a little montage from our wedding videographers, Bytown Productions. Celebrate with us today: lavish a loved one with a much sweetness as you can.

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    The first year is a tough one for adjusting and you guys are doing so many things - like becoming home owners. Hope you take some time to celebrate this milestone achievement at the one year mark. And I love the video.