Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We're monetizing!

We wanted to take a minute today and announce that we are officially open for monetization!

Yes, that’s right, boys and girls: The NEST has been doing so very well that we are ready to start offering ad space and other benefits for patrons of the blog. We’ve got a rapidly increasing reader base, and we’ve upped our content to three posts a week…and this means we’ve got to start looking at infrastructure costs (gag) as well as accounting for our blogging time. This is a win-win time for the NEST and for people who run the type of indie and/or green businesses that we love so much here at the Project: Priceless blogs. Here’s a bit of FAQ for you and your friends who may want to purchase some space:
We LOVE indie businesses, but are open to a range of patrons, as long as they tie in with the ‘feel’ of the blog. For instance, a large craft company may have a local branch, and we’d be happy to hear from them because of the DIY-supporting products they sell.

Businesses, vendors, and artisans can get involved in three different ways:

A Patron of the Blog, with:
-ad space in the side column
-1 post or giveaway per quarter
-ad linking to latest post (optional)

 A Friend of the Blog, with:
-ad space underneath 4 blog posts/month

 A Collaborator, with:
-one-off reviews as schedule allows

We have a rate card that we’re happy to send out by request. Email us at for more details. We are starting with introductory rates which are 30-50% lower than market rates for this period where we iron out any wrinkles.


The NEST is gaining popularity daily, with a constantly growing daily audience.
We guest post regularly on blogs like and Local Tourist Ottawa.
We have a wide audience, ranging from baby boomers to new moms, to young urban couples.
We offer a wide range of topics and posts; something for everyone!
We can link your ad to a review of your business on our blog!
Opportunities to offer giveaways to readers.

Please consider being a patron with us! We’re excited to work with some of the amazing businesses that make our community (both local and global) so fantastic. Space has already begun to fill up, so please be sure to email us swiftly as we will be working from a first-come, first-served basis.

Support your local bloggers! We are the word-of-mouth ninjas, and the new wave of newsmakers. Help us to expand the NEST to its full potential, and let us help you reach a great audience.

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