Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ten Photos Project: I'll show you mine, you show me yours

On Canadian Thanksgiving Day, October 10th, we participated in something called the Ten Photos Project. Andrea Tomkins of A Peek Inside the Fishbowl is the mastermind behind this simple idea: capture and post a picture every hour, on the hour, for the entire Thanksgiving Day. Andrea’s done this project on previous major holidays, and I personally caught onto it this past Easter, but not in time to actually participate.

I’ve written some of my insights about #10Photos on the UsedEverywhere blog this week, so I encourage you to go read some of my observations and some of my favourite images from other #10photo participants. And you can continue to read extra blog-tasticness every Thursday-ish, where I blog for UsedEverywhere each week! So, with a great entry to send you over to read, I’ll let this post be as simple as the project itself: here are our ten photos…with a couple bonus reels.

9am: waking up.

10am: blogging while staring out window.

11am: Mr Darcy face.

12 noon: clothing crisis.

1pm squash in the Byward Market.

2pm: Eating roasted chestnuts with my family.

3pm: having a stupid giggle over Brian being at the Sausage Factory.

4pm: Squash with Bri

5pm: Starbucks merchandise contemplation.

6pm: Old church-turned senior's centre as we walk the dog.

7pm: Star Trek classics.

8pm: penne with chevre, and spicy eggplant.

10pm: Brian absorbed in a romantic comedy while he rubs my feet.


  1. This is a neat-o idea. I'd like to try it for my crazy Christmas ...

  2. The photo are cute. But, the photo of the seniors' centre? That used to be the Nepean Town Hall...not a church (it's next to a church, though.)